Our forensic experts can ensure your latest property purchase isn’t harbouring harmful chemical residue that will affect your health. If Forensic Pathways Perth meth lab testing reveals your home is contaminated, we will initiate professional decontamination measures to remediate the problem.


Clan labs and smoke houses are an issue for those investing in real estate. According to the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission Illicit Drug Data Report, 463 clandestine laboratories were detected in Australia in 2016-17.


With more than half in residential areas, the home you recently purchased could potentially be contaminated. If not used as a “clan lab”, your new property may have been a “smoke house” for drug users and remain contaminated by meth residue.


Below are common questions asked of the Forensic Pathways team regarding meth contamination. If you have further queries or would like a quote, please contact us.


Aren’t homes cleaned before being sold?


In Australia, houses generally receive a thorough clean before listing to impress potential buyers during the sales process. But standard cleaning products will not remove chemical residue related to methamphetamine production and use.


If your house has been used as a clan lab, toxins can remain in a wide array of areas, travelling through the ventilation systems to furniture, floors, and even wallpaper. Children playing outside may also be exposed to contaminated soil.


Is meth residue bad for your health?


The Government of Western Australia Department of Health explains illicit drug activity may result in contamination, and require property remediation to safe levels through an approved service provider (such as Forensic Pathways).


Children, pregnant woman and the elderly are considered most at risk of exposure. Obvious symptoms cited by the WA Department of Health include behavioural changes, sleep disturbance, and respiratory problems.


What does meth testing and cleaning entail?


At Forensic Pathways, we have a four stage approach to meth house testing and remediation, beginning with an inspection and survey of the site. Samples are collected, after which forensic texting and assessment takes place.


If the resulting levels reveal a need for meth decontamination cleaning, our team initiates the next stage of the remediation process: a meth clean up, requiring the use of a specific neutralising agent rather than standard products.


For a thorough and trustworthy result, the site is tested again, with samples evaluated by an independent laboratory. This forensic validation testing confirms your new home has returned to safe levels.


Why should I choose Forensic Pathways?


Our team has forensic, scientific, and legal qualifications. We are also approved by the WA Department of Health—meaning we are accredited for assessing, screening, testing, and remediation of methamphetamine-contaminated properties.


We are leading providers of meth testing and cleaning (remediation) in Perth or country Western Australia. We operate in accordance with National and International standards and all of our processes and procedures are compliant with the various regulatory bodies. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, cost effective and timely service for both the testing and cleaning service.


Get meth tested with Forensic Pathways. We have the technological expertise and established reputation to make sure your home is habitable and safe for you and your loved ones.