Due to the clandestine nature of manufacturing methamphetamine, meth production or even smoking meth, will contaminate internal surfaces within homes. This includes walls, sinks, tables, ceilings, furniture, and ceiling spaces. Often, there are no visible signs of contamination.


Apart from the obvious effects of odours and chemicals, the meth residue itself can cause short- and long-term health problems for those living in a contaminated house.


Health Effects


Case studies have shown that meth residue can be absorbed into the body from the environment, including contact with contaminated surfaces.  Unsuspecting tenants who move into a contaminated house, are susceptible to serious health effects. Living in property contaminated by meth can increases the risk of:


  • Breathing issues
  • Heart conditions
  • Skin rashes and other conditions
  • Nervous disorders/tremors
  • Damage to kidneys and liver
  • Birth defects
  • Reproductive problems


Children are more susceptible because of a combination of repeated contact with surfaces (such as walls and cabinets) during play activities, as well as less-frequent hand washing. However, anyone living in a meth -contaminated property can be adversely affected. Skin irritations, headaches, breathing, or heart irregularities are all symptoms to look for when assessing whether you are living in a meth contaminated property.


Testing and Cleaning a Meth House


If properties are contaminated with meth, whether it be from smoking meth or manufacturing meth they need to be tested and remediated (cleaned). Both meth testing and meth cleaning are specialized services and should be conducted by approved and qualified service providers. Forensic Pathways is the only company in Western Australia approved by the WA Department of Health for both the meth testing and meth cleaning services.


Removing meth residue or meth contamination is a difficult process. The residue is stable and will not break down over time. The meth residue needs to be broken down by specific chemicals and then physically removed from surfaces.


There are four steps to Forensic Pathway’s meth testing and remediation process, so let’s take a look at how you can transform a meth contaminated property in to a habitable dwelling.


  1. On-Site Survey and Inspection


Conducting an initial inspection by qualified and experienced professionals is vital. Sometimes there are no visible signs of contamination. Sometimes, the signs are subtle. It is easy for an inexperienced or unqualified technician to exclude the possibility that a house is contaminated with meth. This could lead to exposing current and future occupants, as well as anyone who enters the property without safety equipment, to serious health risks. Our experts at Forensic Pathways have been inspecting meth properties for more than 10 years. They have scientific and legal qualifications and follow strict processes and guidelines to ensure every house is rigorously inspected so that nothing is missed. Speak to one of our experts about getting a thorough inspection to see if your property is contaminated with meth.


  1. Forensic Testing and Assessment


It is necessary to ascertain exactly where the contamination is, and at what levels. Meth is easily spread throughout a property and levels can vary from one area to the next. To save costs, we can provide an initial screening test however if the property shows levels of contamination, comprehensive forensic testing may be required.

We provide a fully certified testing service in accordance with industry standards and best practices.

The Forensic testing is carried out by our qualified testing technicians in accordance with NIOSH 9111 standards and the samples are processed by accredited laboratories using High Performance Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectroscopy techniques.

The testing of properties contaminated with methamphetamine should only be carried out by accredited, experienced and qualified contractors. Our staff are the most qualified in the industry having both scientific and legal backgrounds. Please contact Forensic Pathways if you would like your property tested.


  1. Remediation and Decontamination Cleaning


A high-quality meth lab cleaning service is hard to come by in Australia. In accordance with governmental standards, remediation requires decontamination to near non detectable levels.

The remediation (cleaning) process needs to be done thoroughly. The exact process will vary depending on factors such the levels and spread of contamination and the type of finishing’s within the house. At Forensic Pathways we provide a professional remediation service that includes:


  • Removal and disposal of all loose waste materials
  • Removal of furniture and porous window treatments (if contaminated)
  • Removal of paraphernalia (including syringes and other drug paraphernalia)
  • Decontamination treatment of ALL internal surfaces using specific methamphetamine neutralising chemicals
  • Wash and vacuum extract surfaces with standard commercial cleaning reagents, flush all drains (kitchen, bathroom and outside drains) with chemical neutralisers
  • Steam clean all soft furnishings including blinds
  • High pressure clean all paved areas, and check soils for chemical disposal sites


We offer this service at a competitive rate. If you want a professional service that guarantees levels of contamination will be reduced to acceptable levels, please contact our staff at Forensic Pathways.


  1. Forensic Validation Testing


The last step in Forensic Pathway’s meth testing and remediation process is the forensic validation testing. Because meth contamination is often invisible, we need to test the property after the cleaning process to ensure the house is fit for habitation. This testing uses an independent lab with state-of-the-art techniques which are extremely sensitive to minute levels of contaminant. Once we have results confirming contamination levels are less than the acceptable level (Australian standard is 0.5ug/100cm2), we will issue a clearance report indicating the property is now suitable for rehabilitation.


Why Forensic Pathways?


Forensic Pathways have a proven track record for providing a professional and cost effective service for testing and cleaning meth houses. Our staff are highly qualified and we are the only company in Western Australia approved by the WA Health Department for both the testing and cleaning of meth contaminated houses.


If you know or suspect your house may be contaminated with meth, please speak to one of experts today.