A clandestine meth lab on your property can cause extensive damage, pose significant health risks, and require professional remediation. Our forensic experts can test for meth contamination and if required, remediate your property to ensure it returns to a habitable status as soon as possible.


According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Australia has the fourth highest average total stimulant consumption, compared with 29 countries across Europe, North America, Oceania, and South Africa.


One of the greatest health risks from clan labs is from the toxic residue that remain on surfaces long after meth has been manufactured or smoked. Meth contamination can span from the building’s structure to interior and exterior elements, including the soil. Lab testing for meth residue is necessary if you suspect your house has been used as a clan lab or even where you suspect meth has been smoked inside your property.


The only way to detect meth contamination is to test your property. At Forensic Pathways we used lab based technology (gold analytical standard) to determine whether a property is contaminated. If contamination is detected, your property will require specific and expert cleaning before it can be occupied again.


As a leading provider of meth residue testing in Perth and Western Australia, Forensic Pathways can assess your Perth property using testing procedures in accordance with Australian and international standards, and provide a professional decontamination solutions to ensure your property is fit for habitation.


Signs of a Meth Lab


The needs of a meth lab will require adjustments to your property. If a property inspection reveals hoses, holes in the building structure, rewiring, or open man holes, chances are changes were made to more easily facilitate meth production.


Take note of sudden spikes in water consumption. Signs of property water damage are also common. Likewise, if electricity bills rapidly rise it may be due to increased use of portable air conditioners and installed lights.


Upon entering the property, large amounts of rubbish and heightened security measures are indicators of a potential meth lab. Pungent smells are often reported near clan labs. Damaged and faded exterior (and interior) surfaces are worth noting.


The absence of everyday patterns can be a tell. This includes sealed windows, sometimes covered in aluminium and permanently closed blinds, curtains or screens. A property either unlived in or hosting drop-in visitors around the clock.


Standard renting procedures are in place for a reason. A tenant who offers to pay more than the requested price to avoid providing references, wants to pay cash in advance, and continually declines inspections are red lights.


A meth lab is a makeshift laboratory. This means equipment will be on hand, notably chemicals, tanks, drums, and glass lab equipment. Also look for large amounts of easily accessible ingredients like fertiliser, lithium batteries, and cough medicine.



Certified Meth Lab Clean Up


The Government of Western Australia Department of Health recommends clean up from a clandestine lab be managed by a company listed on the DOH list of qualified drug contamination service providers. This list includes Forensic Pathways.


Because contamination travels through the ventilation system, infiltration can be insidious. We utilise leading technologies at every stage of the process, from testing to cleaning, to deliver exemplary science-based service.


Our forensics specialists survey the site, and take samples testing for meth exposure. Owners of contaminated properties then receive a Remediation Action Plan that provides clear details of the decontamination cleaning process.


Once our experienced experts clean the location, Forensic Validation testing takes place. We use independent laboratories to verify the property is below the accepted Australian Standards for methamphetamine contamination.


Dealing with a suspected contaminated property? Get your home cleaned up by Forensic Pathways. As trusted providers of meth house testing in Perth, our team can help return your property to the renting market.