Sometimes it can be difficult to detect whether you are living in a property that is contaminated with meth. Meth residue itself is invisible and often there are no other visible signs of contamination. In such cases the only way to determine whether a property is contaminated is to have it professionally tested.


What are the signs of a meth contaminated house?

There are however times, where there are visible indicators of meth manufacture or meth use. Some of the signs commonly encountered in houses that have been contaminated through meth smoking include:

  • Presence of clip seal bags, needles, alco pad prep wipes
  • Yellow/brown staining on the ceilings and walls
  • Missing light globes
  • Manipulation of the smoke detector
  • Covering of windows with alfoil or some other material
  • Damage to walls/doors

Indicators the property has been used to manufacture meth include:

  • Presence of chemicals such as acids, toluene, drain cleaner, caustic soda etc
  • Funnels, hoses, heating implements
  • Gas bottles with blue staining around the nozzle
  • Peculiar odours
  • Chemical dump sites in the rear yard

If you observe any of the above, it is possible the property has been used to make or smoke methamphetamine.


If Contaminated, What’s Next?

Contracting a standard cleaning company for a meth house testing and cleaning can be a common misconception. This is a specialised service, and you should engage a contractor who specialises in this type of work AND is on the WA Department of Health approved list of service providers. Forensic Pathways is on that list.

Meth contamination is extremely hard to remove, and you should not attempt to do it yourself. You should contact your insurance company and enquire as to whether they will cover the cost of testing and cleaning the meth contamination from your house. Some insurance companies are better than others so you should check your policy. You should then engage an accredited professional company such as Forensic Pathways to carry out the work. Only an accredited and approved testing company like Forensic Pathways can provide you with a clearance certificate at the end of the process to state your property is suitable for rehabilitation.


How Forensic Pathways Can Help

Speak to one of our experts today and we can advise if your property requires our expert cleaning services so you can be assured your property will not expose you to any future health risks.